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Стедикам flycam 5000 инструкция - сборник цен сц 18 2012 3

Стедикам Flycam 5000 Pro с быстросъёмной площадкой Вы можете изучить технические характеристики и описание, посмотреть фотографии. Spend some time with your FLYCAM 5000 video stabilizer system and perfect your crafts. Travel around the world shooting stabilize videos with it. You'll find that. Flycam 5000 Camera Steadycam System with Comfort Arm and Vest . The Camera Base platform of steadicam has 1/4" mounting slots (holes) to allow The "Flycam 5000" should meet the needs of most semi-professional camcorders A 35mm camera on a Steadicam system with external video assist, vest and.

The FLYCAM 5000-HD Handheld Camera Stabilizer, a well suited device for the professional filmmaker, offer diverse movement, and a wide variety of angles. If you have purchased Flycam 5000 (FLCM-5000-Q), you will receive all the items Attach the head plate to the FLYCAM with appropriate fore & aft positioning. Flycam HD-5000 camera stabilizer creates super smooth moving shots & gets you smooth tilts & pans,even jib or crane like booms & fluid dolly style manoeuvre. Flycam 5000 Camera Stabilizer with Quick Release Plate & Steadycam Arm Brace for cameras weighing upto 5kg/11lbs. Simple set up and balancing.

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